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the Charity tap Program has raised
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At Fergus & Bix, we believe it's the communities we're in that makes us great. Because of that, we understand the importance for us to give back and to be actively involved in the communities in which we operate. In 2010 we developed "The Charity Tap" program to do just that. With every sale of our feature beer, we take 50¢ and donate it towards a select local charity or community initiative. Since the program's inception, the Fergus & Bix group of restaurants has contributed over $43,000 towards worthy causes.

Our Current Causes

Variety Alberta: Creating Futures Without Limitations

Variety Alberta

For the past 35 years Variety Alberta, has provided support to families in Calgary and throughout Alberta who have children living with specialized needs. Variety Alberta supports children who are facing physical, developmental, emotional or learning challenges through education, community outreach and support to make sure they can receive the equipment, therapies and services they require for their safety, growth and development and to gain greater independence and positive life experiences.

They believe that:
• Everyone has the right to be accepted for who they are;
• Barriers can be removed though education, increased awareness and creating environments of acceptance, understanding and celebration of differences;
• Everyone has the right to play and shouldn’t be excluded because the design space did not take into consideration their specialized need;
• We can have an inclusive and accessible Alberta for children with disabilities.

One of Variety Alberta's initiatives this year is to work with communities throughout the province to ensure that new playgrounds are accessible from the onset and playgrounds that were not built with accessibility in mind have access to resources and funding so they can expand current playgrounds to include accessible and inclusive play design and features.

Starting with Variety Park (in south Glenmore park), they are upgrading and expanding the equipment to create a more accessible and inclusive play space for children with varying abilities. These include limited mobility, sensory challenges and cognitive disabilities.

Through funding, support, and community partnerships, our goal is to ensure that all children with special needs can be active participants within their communities and are not restricted from play or participation. Through initiatives like this, we can provide children with specialized needs the opportunity to join other children in play, a right that all children should have. Join with us in creating communities where all children have futures without limitations.

For more information on Variety Alberta, please visit: varietyalberta.ca

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