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At Fergus & Bix, we believe it's the communities we're in that makes us great. Because of that, we understand the importance for us to give back and to be actively involved in the communities in which we operate. In 2010 we developed "The Charity Tap" program to do just that. With every sale of our feature beer, we take 50 cents and donate it towards a select local charity or community initiative. Since the program's inception, the Fergus & Bix group of restaurants has contributed over $33000 towards worthy causes.

Our Current Causes


Brown Bagging For Calgary Kids
Brown Bagging for Calgary Kids has been making sure kids have lunch since 1990... But there’s still work to do. Today, BB4CK makes about 2,000 lunches a day for students who would otherwise go without. About 65 per cent are made and delivered by community groups including retirees, parent groups, local businesses and kids helping kids. The rest are created in their downtown kitchen with the help of corporate volunteer groups. All this would be impossible without their more than 1,700 volunteers and community support.

We at Fergus & Bix honour and support the service this organization provides. We believe it takes a village to raise a child and Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids empowers individuals, groups and corporations to help feed hungry children. In doing so, BB4CK empowers children to learn and excel by eliminating the barrier of hunger.

For more information on Brown Bagging For Calgary Kids, please visit:

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